Cord Chaos

This is one way to organize the cords.


But, it isn’t so easy here with so many devices and all different kinds of plugs, British, European and American and most of the stuff at 240 volt but some only running on 120.

Rats nest of cables

Thre is an ADSL Router with a second router and hub on top. And a spare ADSL router which I’m working on putting online to see if it is more reliable than the once I’m using now. But I do believe the un-reliability is from my ISP not my hardware. And below there are two Western Digital 1 TB NAS drives, an old NAS drive and an old USB drive. My USB hub is also overloaded! And some devices won’t work through a hub. Argh.

Network and Storage

This post and the first image were fully 100% inspired by this post on Book of Joe.


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