Car on it’s side

Another Car Crash in Kuwait

You can click here to see on Google Maps where it occurred.

Driving here just wears you down. There are so many selfish, aggressive, non-attentive, distracted, dangerous drivers. You cannot make even the shortest journey without having to avoid at least one idiot hauling up to your rear bumper and flashing lights to pass or swerving or pulling out from a side street without looking or changing lanes without looking. And there is such a speed differential on the roads here with the speed limit of 120 and people going at least that in the left lane, slow trucks and buses going 50 on the right and even cars in the middle lane going 50. Add that to people swerving across to make exits and other cars merging on and you see what I mean.

It must have been tricky leaving this car on it’s side though.


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