Free Cat to Good Home



Young Cat

I’m allergic to cats. We found this stray at the school. Very friendly and curious now.


3 responses to “Free Cat to Good Home”

  1. We’re enjoying keeping him at least another month and a half until he gets all his shots and get’s neutered which will make him a gib. I’ll update his progress!

  2. Aww; he is so cute; i want her/him as i live in kuwait; as a reason i want him/her i dont have a sister; so she can provide me a company; is it free; ? thx its my dream as i learnt everything about cats <3 thank you

  3. AWWWW… he’s so cute. We’ll take him… if you can figure out a way to get him to Canada! Face it Ian, just call the cat, “Sneezy” and get over it!

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