Nespresso Citiz Review



Nespresso TurmixWe bought a Nespresso machine. There is a store in 360 Mall here in Kuwait.
It isn’t cheap but doing the math says we’ll pay for it as compared to Starbucks after about 140 shots.
The coffee is good, most of the time the shots are better than Starbucks anyhow.
I had a used Rancilio Audrey in Canada. But the hassle to get the coffee, grind it properly, preheat the machine, tamp it just right, pull the right shot etc. really prohibited having a quick cup. And then after that the cleanup! In the end I took it back and forgot about it. It wasn’t worth the hassle. And the coffee shots
The only thing is they don’t recycle the pods here in Kuwait. I’m looking in to an option. There is quite a recycling program now in Ahmadi so perhaps we can rise the pods out and then save for that.

Nespresso AeroccinoWe also picked up separately an aeroccino to heat and froth the milk. It is a clever device. You can do cold milk and hot or hot with foam. It comes with two different mixers and the are magnetically driven so there are no seals shafts to clean. Clever Swiss engineering.
There is one with an integrated base that comes with the machine or you can get it separately. We got the separate one as it has a handle which makes it easier to work with.

Updated June 2010 and still liking it very much. We only regret putting so much aluminum in the garbage from the pods as there is no recycling in Kuwait. We will keep pursuing how to do better. I may build a gizmo to open the pods and get the coffee out so we can just keep the aluminum for recycling.

OK, it’s now 2015 and I’m not in Kuwait. And I don’t have the machine. I sold it to a friend when leaving Kuwait as the voltage is wrong for Canada: 220 V vs. 110 V. Regarding the aluminum pods, I was unable to find a recycling place for my big bag of cleaned pods, so unfortunately I ended up throwing them in the garbage.

I am back in Canada and now I make my own coffee. I grind fresh beans that have been roasted in the last couple of weeks then I do a pour over when I’m home and use an Aeropress when I’m at work.


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