The Story of Michael Finnigan

How It All Began

There once was a man named Michael Finnigan. He had some whiskers on his chinnigan. The wind blew them off, then they blew in again. Poor old Michael Finnigan, begin again.

‘Always trust a good wind’ – Michael Finnigan

In light of these recent events Michael, who’s whiskers were now stable, made us a short list of recommendations when faced with a whisker blowing wind:

  • Hold on to your hat.
  • In the absence of a hat, hold on to your tail.

Mr. Finnigan now lives with his pony and whiskers in Bali enjoying the hot beaches and weather. He welcomes visitors and enjoys these three things in particular:

  1. His pony
  2. His whiskers
  3. A good massage

We recommend you stop by if you ever happen to be in Bali to hear the full story from the man himself. Do not, however, bring a wind with you.


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