Schönbrunn Palace

No coffee shops today! We went to the Schönbrunn Palace.

Schönbrunn Palace

The weather was warm, sunny at 19 degrees C. Some flowers were out but the trees are still a bit stark.


The place will be pretty with leaves on the trees. It will certainly be busy later in the spring and summer with over five million visitors a year! It is already buzzing and it is only mid March.

Flowers and Bee

But the place is huge. Schönbrunn Palace at the back

With our one year pass Kunsthistorischen Museums Jahreskarte we get free admission into the carriage museum. So we went for a visit. The carriage museum isn’t huge but you do get an impression of history and also of engineering of the carriages if that is your interest.

Wagenburg Museum

Wagenburg Museum

Not to be morbid, but they display the funerary hearse there. Wagenburg Museum Funerary Carriage

I was astounded to see that it was last used in 1989, in Vienna, for the funeral of Empress Zita the last crowned Empress of Austria-Hungary. So I did a bit of web research to remove some of my historical lack of knowledge. There’s an interesting Youtube here.

She even has a Facebook page promoting her beautification.

There is a Palace tour for 13.5 Euros..

And there are almost nightly Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts in the Orangery Schoenbrunn for a minimum ticket price of around 35 Euros if available as they book up in advance for all the tourists.


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