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This isn’t an article about the touristic traditional coffee houses of Vienna. Here’s a practical review of some of them by someone else.

I’m in it for the quality coffee that is freshly roasted and prepared to bring out the best flavours. It is also an excuse for walking and exploring to interesting locations and talking to interesting people in the shops. We first knew about FürthKaffee and then I found, near the university, CoffeePirates. Then we went out to find more.

I will not say much about the individual cups of coffee we had at each place. You will get a good coffee at all these places (unless I otherwise mention it). As the beans are freshly roasted and come from small batches the flavours will be different nearly each time you go. They basically meet and / or exceed the advice of How to Spot a Quality Cafe on Coffee Geek.

Make sure before you go to any of these places that you check they are open. Some are closed on the weekends or particular weekdays.



FürthKaffee is located in a small co-space shared facility. He has some baked goods. There is also a is a gluten free bakery called Easy Going Bakery nearby if you are tempted. Note that the bakery is not open every day.

We first met him at the Karmelitermarkt near Augarten. He’s there selling beans at the Saturday market.

He roasts outside of Vienna and the beans are very fresh and some of the best coffee we’ve had. He doesn’t go for the overly under roasted beans that is the trend now.



There is a good atmosphere here with comfortable sitting spaces and even sandwiches to eat. You may even see them roasting some coffee in the room. It may be very busy with university students.

POC Cafe

POC Cafe

In an old church. We weren’t in the mood to visit. Here’s another opinion, Antwerp Barista: POC Wenen/Vienna Austria


Probably the most precise and sophisticated delivery of coffee and also tea. They even have the Ãœber Boiler and weigh the beans and water on scales to deliver precisely measured and timed coffee.

There are two locations.

Near the university, CaffèCouture Showroom, Garnisongasse 18. There is no food and a very spartan decor. But you can see the roasting machine in the back.


And in District 1 in the very scenic Freyung 2, Palais Ferstel Passage, Austria. They have a good simple cheesecake and some cookies only.



Some argue it is The Best Coffee Shop in Vienna ? | From Coffee With Love

And to tempt you even more the most amazing chocolate store Xocolat is right next to them. The chocolate store has been there for over 30 years. The coffee shop is well worth the visit.


Kaffee Fabrik

This is a very small shop with good coffee. It is for the coffee only, there is no food. KaffeeFabrik

Here’s what others say

Kaffee Modul

Kaffee Modul
Another small coffee shop. Clearly the focus is coffee.
Kaffee Modul

Vienna School of Coffee

They do training and are open on weekends only.

Akrap Coffee

We didn’t try it yet. I’m not sure it it’s Third Wave.
Reestablishing the Food Connection: Café in Vienna

There are some others on this post Guter Kaffee in Wien which we may eventually check out.

And now that you are relaxed from your coffee, don’t forget the other things in life.








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