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Fernwood Cafe

Here’s the amateur review of Victoria coffee shops from my perspective. Which means, as my tastes are now, single origin, single cup brewed (pour over), locally roasted coffee.

And it is fun, to walk around to these different coffee roasters and cafe’s and discover the city. Often the smaller roasters are in interesting places off the beaten track.

Caffe Fantastico – Specialty Coffee

They are our local shop very in Quadra Village less than a ten minute walk from our place on Prior Street. They roast and care about their coffee. They do a sweetened cold brew and serve good espresso drinks. They don’t do pour overs.

Township Coffee Co in Gordon Head uses their beans also. We haven’t been to Township.

Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters

  • First Look: Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters | Eat MagazineEat Magazine

Very good coffee at Bows and Arrows and they care about the coffee! African and American single origins very tasty and available in a pour over. We had coffee there and it was very good. Note that there isn’t much parking nearby, but of course this is Victoria so walk or take your bicycle. I think they’ll let you take your bike inside.

Habit Coffee in Victoria also serves their coffee and Java Jamboree in Cochrane, Alberta uses it too.

Fernwood Coffee Company

They don’t do pour overs, only French Press and other espresso drinks. But they do make a slow drip iced coffee which is very nice in the great summer weather. The slow brew was good. It was a honeyed Central American coffee. The iced Americano was also nice.

The smell of cooking in the shop is very fragrant and gets your mouth watering. They feature local sourced food. And if you are tempted for the best regular or dairy free (coconut) ice cream you can go next door to the Cold Comfort ice cream shop. Their ice cream (dairy free) is very good.

2 Percent Jazz

They have two locations. The roasting location is at their Hudson Location, south side of the Hudson Building, 1701 Douglas has slow brew (pour over) and even a Clover machine.

Their espresso blend and pour over were very good. They have a nice open layout. They are next to the Hudson Market which has the tastiest beef and chicharrones. There is also an olive oil store there with a lot of very tasty oil to sample and purchase if you so desire along with balsamic.

Discovery Coffee

We sampled the coffee and it’s good. I had a pour over, a Honduras which was very nicely done. It seems, as a generalization, that Discover focuses on more central American beans than the other places.

We also has a nice iced Americano, which was prepared with the house espresso blend of two Guatemalan beans.

Yoka’s Homepage

Next time

There are more than twenty coffees to choose from, including exotics like Yemen Mocha, India Monsoon Malabar, Kona and New Guinea. Among the biggest sellers are Sumatra, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia Mocca Harrar and Yirgacheffe. Swiss water-processed decaf coffees also are available, all of them roasted in our mid-1930’s Royal roaster. We also offer customers the option of purchasing green beans, if you roast your own beans at home!

Drumroaster Coffee

Next time in Cowichan Bay

Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe

Maybe next time

104 – 1931 Mt. Newton X Road
Victoria, B.C.

In order to provide the freshest and tastiest coffee to our customers, we freshly roast our coffee onsite each day using patented state of the art, small batch urban friendly roasting technology. Our patented Roastaireâ„¢ is a hybrid of the fluidized bed & aromatic coffee roasters currently available in the market today. It’s closed to the atmosphere over 85% of the time and is 80% more energy efficient than a comparable drum roaster, making it Canada’s leading clean air roaster. The Roastaireâ„¢ heat source is electric, ensuring that no hydrocarbons are produced by the roaster at the source of roasting.

Clean air roasting.

Level Ground Trading

Bags available everywhere. Not interested.

Misty Ridge Coffee Beans Roasting Co., Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Misty Ridge Coffee Roasting Company, the only coffee roaster in Port Alberni, mid-Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Non Local Roasters

Serious Coffee Vancouver Island Roasting Plant and Head Office

We visited one of their locations on July 30. I had a dark roast. Espresso.
There was no evidence of what was on brew, what country it was from and there was a rack of flavour syrups and some pump dispensers of pre-brewed coffee. Three red flags for me!

The espresso I tried was a typical very dark non-interesting roast.

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Moonbeans Coffee – Roasted on Pender Island, BC

Gulf Island Roasting

*Before entering into the roasting business, Steve was an extraction specialist. Though his background was in importing and manufacturing, he grew up with an appreciation for good coffee. The shift into the coffee market came when Steve’s friends were roasting coffee beans in a 5-pound roaster. Steve supplied them with some of his own beans, They roasted a batch and loved it. Steve then decided to take the leap, and purchased a commercial roaster in order to supply the best coffee possible. The roaster arrived in April 2009 and after months of restoration; the first beans were sold in September of the same year.

What really separates Gulf Islands Roasting Co from the pack is their vertical integration with a plantation in Thailand. Coffee is shipped directly from the farm and roasted into each batch of coffee.

After humble beginnings, The Bean Time Café now houses a roaster that supplies top of the line coffee to stores and cafes across Vancouver Island and the mainland. The Bean Time Café is located at 18 High Street in beautiful Ladysmith British Columbia.*

Caffè Artigiano

Roasted in Vancouver. Disqualified.
There is also a shop in Calgary.

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