Excel XOR



Excel 2010 doesn’t have an XOR function. The newer versions do. I have needed this form of logic a couple of times recently and I found a good tip here.

XOR works like this.

A B Result
1 1 0
1 0 1
0 1 1
0 0 0

So, if you don’t have an XOR function you can write a long version of the XOR as follows


This is how the XOR operation is defined if you study boolean logic. I did 25 years ago.

But there is a clever way to do it in Excel.

The web page lined above noted that the equivalent can be done from the observation that XOR is nothing but <> (the not equal to sign).

So, instead of going crazy with brackets writing the lengthy formula above. you can just use


One aside that I found out. You need to be careful with your brackets. I found out that



Is not the same as this


Hint: Use the second form with the extra brackets.


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