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  • Excel Conditional Formatting



    How to Compare Two Columns in Excel (for matches & differences)

  • Unifi Protect Problems

    I have a new Cloud Key Gen 2 + I have the SDN part working. But can’t get protect working. I try on the web browser and it stalls out. See the image below. Then after putting in the information it freezes as the below image. And on the iOS app it also fails. Initially,…

  • Word to Excel Breaks

    In Word replace all the paragraph marks with a unique character. In Excel replace the unique character with the Excel line break character. In the Replace field, enter the following Alt code: Alt+0010. This code enters in a single line break. You will not see this character but the cursor may change. Note, to enter…

  • Excel Reverse Pivot Table

    Excel VBA to reverse a Pivot Table. You can always trust finding Excel stuff if you use J-Walk as part of the search.

  • What’s In a Website

    A website is made of many components. Servers and software. You can host it in many ways. WordPress is a CMS and you can put onto Site setup, logins etc. Different levels can be setup: Admin, editor etc. Site layout, types of pages and posts, templated. Site behaviour, hover, parallax etc. Colours, backgrounds, borders,…