Austrian National Library

We went to the Ancient Musical Instrument museum which is part of Kunsthistorisches but it was closed on Mondays. So we went about the area. There were interesting clouds. And there is a series of twenty interesting sculptures on the exterior of the building. The rest of them are below. I don’t know who is […]

Entrance of Kunsthistorisches Museum

I purchased a Jahreskarte for the museum last week so I need multiple visits to get my money’s worth. Also it is more fun to go for shorter visits than long epic ones. So we visited some medieval and Italian works.

Vaguely Escherian

Or should I call it Lines and Glass? From the summer. Nothing much going on here in Kuwait as it is the work week now. I tried it in black and white but it wasn’t too interesting. Perhaps if I spent a lot of time on the black and white, but this version with colours […]

Group of Seven Artists

    As we were rained out on our backpacking trip and had a day free around Banff we stopped in the Whyte Museum and there is a show of some of the Group of Seven. They have the original of the above Lawren Harris painting. It is both graphic and subtle with the way […]