Victoria, B.C., Coffee

Here’s the amateur review of Victoria coffee shops from my perspective. Which means, as my tastes are now, single origin, single cup brewed (pour over), locally roasted coffee. And it is fun, to walk around to these different coffee roasters and cafe’s and discover the city. Often the smaller roasters are in interesting places off […]

Vienna Coffee

This isn’t an article about the touristic traditional coffee houses of Vienna. Here’s a practical review of some of them by someone else. I’m in it for the quality coffee that is freshly roasted and prepared to bring out the best flavours. It is also an excuse for walking and exploring to interesting locations and […]

Fresh Roasted

At Coffee Pirates – der third-wave Coffeeshop in Wien

Nespresso Citiz Review

We bought a Nespresso machine. There is a store in 360 Mall here in Kuwait. It isn’t cheap but doing the math says we’ll pay for it as compared to Starbucks after about 140 shots. The coffee is good, most of the time the shots are better than Starbucks anyhow. I had a used Rancilio […]