Category: Excel

  • Excel Conditional Formatting

    How to Compare Two Columns in Excel (for matches & differences)

  • Word to Excel Breaks

    In Word replace all the paragraph marks with a unique character. In Excel replace the unique character with the Excel line break character. In the Replace field, enter the following Alt code: Alt+0010. This code enters in a single line break. You will not see this character but the cursor may change. Note, to enter […]

  • Excel Reverse Pivot Table

    Excel VBA to reverse a Pivot Table. You can always trust finding Excel stuff if you use J-Walk as part of the search.

  • Excel Power Utility Pak

    I first found out about John Walkenback from his books. He, without question, has the best books on Excel. Back when books only were made from dead trees I judged books by how much real information versus fluff. He wins outright. His books now are available in paper format or electronically. He also has a […]

  • Hyphen Minus Dash

    I was working in Excel matching some strings and they were not matching even though they looked the same on the screen. Well it turns out that there are different kinds of dashes! A normal dash you use is the keyboard is the minus sign on your keyboard. But there are others that can get […]

  • Excel Parser

    I had written my own but it had a bug. Then I found this code below on this site. It gives credit to John Walkenbach who writes, bar none, the best books on Excel. And the following function returns nothing more than the number of elements you get when you cut a string according to […]