Eid Holiday is Over

Image from Dark Roasted Blend, Creative Ads The five days off are over now. I reminded the kids that they should have read some books in the time off or else this might happen.

Lean On Me – Kuwait International Youth Choir

Kuwait International Youth Choir under the direction of Richard Bushman sings Lean on Me at the first Concert of Hope in the Al Hashemi II ballroom on Oct. 31, 2009. The Al Hashemi has the Guinness World Record for the worlds largest wooden ship. A first yesterday, all four kids performing in the same choir. […]


Lion, originally uploaded by Mister Ian. Painted from scratch by Sumati in early March.

Merry Christmas

Well actually, not, but maybe I’ll feel a little cooler here in Kuwait thinking about it!

Janaki’s Birthday

She turned 7! She has certainly seen a lot of the world in these seven years! I took the girls to Entertainment City in the evening. There are even two roller coasters the old one and Lightning. Click here for the album of photos.