Real Eggs

From these guys on my Aunt’s farm.

Man, birds and the bees

I thought I had posted a bit already on birds and the bees but I didn’t elaborate on honey. This video leaves me speechless on how the cooperation between man and a bird evolved. Courtesy of The Call of the Honey Guide where there is much more on this topic.

Cost of eating healthy in Kuwait

Some fruits and vegetables are not too expensive but it is too expensive for good whole wheat flour to make bread. Here is costs 2.5 KD at The Sultan Centre which is approximately 5.3 UK Pounds at today’s rate. Other more exotic flours like their spelt and rye mix are even more expensive.

Fintas Take Away Chicken Restaurant

The chicken is quite tasty. It tastes better than the chicken from the Sultan Centre but the Sultan Centre chicken is a bit cheaper at 1 KD. And the staff is very friendly. If you want to see where the place is on a Google Map click here.