Damn. I was hacked. I’m working on clearing up the problems – deleting files, changing passwords etc. – and getting this site off the blacklists ASAP.

Adobe Flash

I will be glad when Flash is gone. And frankly Adobe deserves it to go away as they do things like this. Look at what you get when you download flash. Look closely at the McAfee Scan checkbox. Make darn sure you don’t have it checked or McAfee will install and will be a pain…


Cord Chaos

This is one way to organize the cords. But, it isn’t so easy here with so many devices and all different kinds of plugs, British, European and American and most of the stuff at 240 volt but some only running on 120. Thre is an ADSL Router with a second router and hub on top….

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Nice Photos

I spend way too much time online. So here is a short post of links to some cool images: Here are some stunning photos. And here are some very nice photos of Bolivia from National Geographic. It is nice to see such nice photos. I’ve bought a couple of print issues of National Geographic magazine…