Muslim Girls Prom Night

The “Sister’s Prom” has become an annual event among Toronto’s Muslim community, and is also a symbol of the balance that defines the lives of modern young women like Ms. Hindy, born and raised in Canada, faithful to Islam. They have ambitions to be doctors, engineers and community leaders, while embracing the rules placed upon […]

Pre-Flight Islamic Prayer on Jazeera Airways

I flew Jazeera Airways to and from Dubai last weekend. On the Islamic countries airlines such as Pakistan and Kuwait Airways and Jazeera, they play a pre-recorded Islamic prayer before takeoff. The one on Jazeera is very nice and meditative sounding. It would be nice to get a good recording of it. The plane is […]

Fatimah, Mary and the Divine Feminine in Islam

The Sufi poetry teaches the feminine qualities of joy, love, tenderness and self sacrifice on a path of true knowledge derived from the spiritual heart. The spiritual rebirth of the individual is not unlike the trial and tribulation of physical childbirth, according to the Sufis. They take the principle of divine love and use it […]