Wadi Tiwi

Wadi Tiwi, originally uploaded by Mister Ian. A view looking back down the wadi from where we came in and would subsequently exit.

Young men jumping into the Wadi

20080225_DSC0792, originally uploaded by Mister Ian. These guys were doing flips off the cliff into the water. And our guide said they were not from the area. He noticed their accent (in Arabic of course) was not the same as the one from Tiwi the closest town where the guide is from.

Muscat Fish Market

Muscat Fish Market, originally uploaded by Mister Ian. After the tour of the Mosque we went to the fish and vegetable market. We were a bit late in the day, close to lunchtime so missed most of the action. I did notice different kinds of fish than what we get in Kuwait, don’t ask me […]

It’s about time I post someting on the trip to Oman in February

I’ll start posting about it each day some images. If you click on any images you can go to the full gallery on Flickr. First we did a city tour of Muscat and the highlight is the Grand Mosque. Grand Mosque Prayer Hall, originally uploaded by Mister Ian. The main musalla (prayer hall) is square […]