Mount Bourgeau Panorama

The view from the top of Mount Bourgeau in Banff National Park on 29 August 2011. The hike up and down is a total of 24 km with an elevation gain of 1500 m. The weather and communication relay shack on the summit is obviously helicopter supported and runs on solar power and fuel cells. […]

Nice Photos

I spend way too much time online. So here is a short post of links to some cool images: Here are some stunning photos. And here are some very nice photos of Bolivia from National Geographic. It is nice to see such nice photos. I’ve bought a couple of print issues of National Geographic magazine […]

Dubai Music Program Panorama and Other Photographs

I was in Dubai last weekend and saw the arrival of Shri Mataji the founder of Sahaja Yoga.. She arrived on 17 April and some photographs are here. The next night there was a meditation, dance and music program held at the Dhow Palace Hotel in Dubai. Below is a panorama of the room and […]