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  • First ski day of the year

    My first impression coming from Calgary was, where’s all the snow? I arrived early, by 9:30, and was the third car in the Elk Pass parking lot. When I returned the lot was mostly full. Up Elk Pass, skier set track, packed underneath. Solid snow cover. Tyrwhitt, skier set track, a bit rough. Lots of […]

  • Chinook Pineageddon

    Chinooking like crazy. We started early so managed to beat the major snowpack obliteration and wind. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/20160205.gpx”]

  • Happiness at PLPP

    After some warm weather fortunately it snowed to cover the really hard spots. Mostly skied on good tracks with some fresh snow. Elk Pass was a skier track mostly due to all the new snow. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/20160131.gpx”]

  • Warm Ski Day 18 Canmore Nordic Centre

    Super warm, with lots of humidity as the cloud cover came in. Grip and glide were challenging as the snow got warmer as the day went on with above zero temperatures all day. At lest we got in over 30 km. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/20160122.gpx”]

  • Ski Day 17 Canmore Nordic Centre

    Low on energy but good skiing, though the snow was grabby. At least is was warmer, around -10 °C [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/20160115.gpx”]

  • Ski Day 16 Emerald Lake

    Skied around Emerald Lake and the alluvial fan at the end. Flat and quiet. The track was a bit rough on parts of the lake. From the signs, it seems it was slushy up towards Christmas time. We did have nice lunch at the Truffle Pig in Field afterwards. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/20160110.gpx”]