Category: technology

  • Unifi Protect Problems

    I have a new Cloud Key Gen 2 + I have the SDN part working. But can’t get protect working. I try on the web browser and it stalls out. See the image below. Then after putting in the information it freezes as the below image. And on the iOS app it also fails. Initially,…

  • Drobo FS – SOLD

    SOLD on eBay In case anyone is interested.

  • In Pursuit of Elegance

    Elegance cuts through the noise, captures our attention, and engages us. The point of elegance is to achieve the maximum impact with the minimum input. It’s a thoughtful, artful subtractive process focused on doing more and better with less. That’s especially important during this economic crisis when everyone is trying to move forward while consuming…

  • Fun ads by Microsoft

    These are of course to counter Apple’s ads with the two guys showing the PC person as a totally nerdy styleless geek.

  • Amazing Robot

    Though clearly it can carry a lot but I get it will run out of gas pretty quick.

  • Tame the computer cables

    Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Ways to Get Cables Under Control If I only had access to all the stuff you can get at Home Depot here in Kuwait. Such a cable mess we have. Partly due to the mix of cord end types: British, two types of European and even American. And cheap power…