Savannah Restaurants

I was on a two week business trip to Savannah and tried a number of restaurants and coffee shops. I looked for whole foods, gluten and dairy free and good cups of coffee.

United Breaks Guitars

“He s heard all their excuses and chased all their gooses” and after a year they didn’t pay. Over 3 million views and counting! A great song.

Holes in planes

Southwest Airlines Co. inspected about 200 planes overnight after a football-sized hole opened up in the passenger cabin of a jet in flight, forcing an emergency landing in West Virginia. From the Globe and Mail This reminds me of my most recent travels. When I was leaving Calgary a week and a bit ago to […]

British Airways Executive Club

OK, this is ridiculous. It isn’t like it used to be when I actually earned miles that useful. I have been flying BA from Kuwait to Canada and was wondering why I have so few points. I fly so called discounted flights — as everyone does if paying themselves. Normal people don’t fly full fare […]