Sarrayat Season is Starting

This is the season of sarrayat ( Local thunderstorms),they usually develop in the afternoon or during night and are occasionally accompanied with severe dust storms during which visibility may fall to zero.

Autumn is Starting in Kuwait

The Kuwait Agriculture and Food Directory has climate information indicates we may be right on track for normal weather this year meaning we will get rain as in a normal year instead of none like the last two years.

Sandstorm Season Starts in Kuwait

As if it hasn’t started already. This is in the Kuwait Times today: KUWAIT, June 5 (KUNA) — Al Bawareh sandstorm season started in Kuwait on Thursday, Meteorologist Adel Al-Saadoun told reporters here. “The season, locally known as summer “Merbi’yania,” usually lasts for 40 days,” he noted. “The storms are caused by fast northeastern winds […]

Kuwait Dust Storm

There was a short and wild dust storm last week. And apparently the dust is not clean desert sand. Read the following: Not your Kuwaiti Dust Storm « Here There and Everywhere