Border Collie

Lab – Border Collie mix


The “socialization” myth

Walking the dog



City of Calgary off leash areas map

But don’t say I didnt’ warn you!

From leerburg (the best dog training site online IMHO) Dog Parks: Why They Are A Bad Idea

And if you must take your dog to a park be prepared: How to Break Up a Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt


Another good one here on how we misunderstand what “socialization” means for dogs! Leerburg How we Socialize our Dogs


Hiking with the dog

Dogs must be on-leash in National and Provincial parks.

They can be off in other areas.

Playing with the dog



In the car



Dog training is fun. It has three parts

  1. The dog
  2. The owner
  3. The trainer


Puppy obedience



We tried


Rally Obedience

This was useful. And fun.


Scent Detection

We did an introduction when young and think it may have awakened his nose.


Strongly recommend doing a course of it. Scent training basic protocols give a great way to “exercise” the dog with limited time or space. Scent working for the dog is very taxing for them. So it is a good way for using up their energy.





Nail trimming

Electric trimmer, the highly rated BOSCH Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

 I ordered one and tried it, and don’t understand why it is so liked. I tried one nail touching the sanding disk to him, no way.

First Aid

Hiking, be prepared

Dog booties

Needed in winter due to cold and salt on streets. Also consider if long hikes to have along in case of paw injury. A couple of reviews 10 Best Dog Boots for Hiking, Hunting, and Extreme Conditions Which Dog Boots Are Best For Your Dog?


Grip Trex™ Dog Boots

RUFFWEAR, Summit Trex on $67 on Amazon if available.

Mushers Secret