Thursday – the first day of the weekend

If you don’t recall, Thursday and Friday are the weekend days here. I don’t think I will every get used to it. Mostly that the work week starts on Saturday.

I’m hanging out in the Kuwait Hilton Starbucks, it is nearly midnight and there is no slowing down.
Kuwait Hilton Starbucks
As it is Ramadan, places open at 5:00 in the evening and close very late. They close here at 2:30 am. I’m sure I won’t last until then. I’m going to pack it in very soon.

So after the partial dive trip, I had a big snooze then went to a local Sahaja Yoga meditation nearby. That ended at 7:00 pm then I went to a different place for dinner, Applebees. The dinner was a bit more expensive than normal. Though here you can’t really think about things like what it costs in Canada. Everything western is a bit more expensive, period.

It was 7.5 KD. Not cheap, I usually spend 2 or 3 KD for dinner. (Multiply the KDs by 4 to get Canadian dollars) That was for a juice, salad and a steak and salmon dinner. Good food, and a change from the usual Lebanese style cuisine that I have. Certainly during Ramadan with no lunch the big dinner isn’t too bad, though it is really at least a third more than one needs!

Today’s Dive

We went out in the boat. The water had swells of up to about 1 meter. So the going was slow and the boat was ploughing up and down the swells. Dive Caroline has an older smaller boat and a larger newer boat. We went in the smaller boat, departing at 8:00 am. Then we got to Kubbar Island and tied off the boat to the anchor buoy.

Well, as it is near full moon and the tides are strong the current was strong and also the water was rolling the boat quite a bit side to side. Everyone started to gear up, but before long, someone was seasick over the side. This started a chain reaction through the people on the boat. Three of us got in the water and avoided the heaving boat.

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