Canmore Folk Festival Bruce Cockburn

40th Anniversary of the Canmore Folk Music Festival. It rained but ended well before the Blackie and the Rodeo King’s rocking set followed up by Bruce Cockburn’s performance which ended too soon. He did some of it with Colin Linden of Black and the Rodeo Kings. They have fun performing together! Colin was producer of the new album coming out mid September which I’m eagerly awaiting.

Here’s a recent nice short interview with him.

Thumb recovery

This blog needs a post now and again. So here’s one. I’m one week into wearing the brace. One more week to go and then a couple of weeks part time. It can’t go any faster.

This is my x-ray analysis.

This is my x-ray.

And this is the x-ray example on the Wikipedia page about Gamekeeper’s Thumb.

By James Heilman, MDOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The blue rubber band on the thumb is to hold the velcro on as it isn’t holding well as the material has stretched.

The sad part is no bicycling for a while. And, the bill just arrived, from Alberta Health Services. Rockyview General Hospital – Wrist Splint 1 @ $35.00.

Excel Power Utility Pak

I first found out about John Walkenback from his books. He, without question, has the best books on Excel. Back when books only were made from dead trees I judged books by how much real information versus fluff. He wins outright. His books now are available in paper format or electronically.

He also has a site with many good Excel tips.

For many years I have also used his add-in. It is another reason why I am running Excel on Windows as the Mac does not support these add-ins.

In fact even if it had only the cells items

And the text tools items

It is well worth the money!

I also get the source code which he sells for an additional price. That opens up many opportunities for programming or learning programming.

On his site, and I agree he says:

PUP is an Excel add-in that adds dozens of new features and functions to Excel. A free 30-day trial version is available.

There is also an Enhanced Data Form for free.

The J-Walk Enhanced Data Form is a free Excel add-in that provides a general-purpose data entry dialog box. The VBA code is available for a small fee.

There are other competing Excel add-ins. But I trust J-Walk’s and it is just the right amount of add-ins in the menu bar.

If you ever have questions or issues with Pup, John replies very quickly to any support request.

I had a glitch installing the latest version of Pup, enabling the worksheet functions, and found out that it was my Excel file.

  • You need to ensure that a workbook’s VB project is not protected. If you unprotect your VB project, it should work.
  • And, you also need to make sure the workbook is not shared.

Finally a Ride to Work

It was a comfortable ride. The secret was to dress for winter riding and be warm rather than dress for summer riding and be cold!

Total distance: 28.28 km
Max elevation: 1125 m
Min elevation: 1025 m
Total climbing: 164 m
Total descent: -259 m