Warm Ski Day 18 Canmore Nordic Centre

Super warm, with lots of humidity as the cloud cover came in. Grip and glide were challenging as the snow got warmer as the day went on with above zero temperatures all day. At lest we got in over 30 km.

Total distance: 30.26 km
Max elevation: 1501 m
Min elevation: 1397 m
Total climbing: 750 m
Total descent: -743 m

Ski Day 17 Canmore Nordic Centre

Low on energy but good skiing, though the snow was grabby. At least is was warmer, around -10 °C

Total distance: 23 km
Max elevation: 1531 m
Min elevation: 1398 m
Total climbing: 582 m
Total descent: -579 m

Ski Day 16 Emerald Lake

Skied around Emerald Lake and the alluvial fan at the end. Flat and quiet. The track was a bit rough on parts of the lake. From the signs, it seems it was slushy up towards Christmas time.

We did have nice lunch at the Truffle Pig in Field afterwards.

Total distance: 9.48 km
Max elevation: 1333 m
Min elevation: 1289 m
Total climbing: 167 m
Total descent: -178 m

Ski Day 15 Castle Lookout towards Baker Creek

Skiing with Marja, too cold for photos! Look here on Skier Bob’s site for some.

We saw these two wolves a few kilometres onto the 1A Highway west of Banff. Not the best photos but they were a bit away from the car and didn’t hang out too long!




Total distance: 14.81 km
Max elevation: 1492 m
Min elevation: 1449 m
Total climbing: 304 m
Total descent: -307 m

Ski Day 14 Canmore Nordic Centre

A short and fast day on the trails. A bit chilly but sunny.

Total distance: 23.35 km
Max elevation: 1529 m
Min elevation: 1423 m
Total climbing: 527 m
Total descent: -524 m

Ski Day 13 Elk Pass

First day of 2016. Cool, with great tracks and lots of sunshine in Kananaskis.

Total distance: 25.22 km
Max elevation: 2001 m
Min elevation: 1691 m
Total climbing: 627 m
Total descent: -627 m