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Digital Photography School has a post on links to some basics of photography.

The musts:
www.nikonians.org Well if you are a Nikon user.
www.bythom.com Thom Hogan writes Nikon E-Books, reviews Nikon gear and lenses, writes comprehensive articles.
www.naturfotograf.com Bjorn Rorslett is a Nature photographer who writes about photography, reviews Nikon gear and lenses.
Moose Peterson Nature photography, equipment etc.

If you care about prints that will last for the future. Bits won’t necessarily last on media as long as hard copies.
Wilhelm Imaging Research conducts research on the stability and preservation of traditional and digital color photographs and motion pictures.

Comprehensive Sites

www.imaging-resource.com Imaging Resource – Good comprehensive site

Review Sites
www.dpreview.com The Granddaddy of Review Sites
www.steves-digicams.com Another great site for comprehensive reviews
www.dcresource.com Another good review site
www.reviewcentre.com Review Centre – Good comprehensive site
AnandTech digital photography section has some articles also and is mostly know as a computer hardware site

www.betterphoto.com An excellent place to take an online course, post your pictures
www.ppsop.com Another photography school
www.digital-images.net Ron Reznick produces a set of Photography training DVDs. He also has reviews of Nikon lenses
www.morguefile.com/archive/classroom.php?lesson=1 Listener Rich shared this terrific site for learning the basics of composition:


  • www.thecamerastore.com located in Calgary
  • www.vistek.ca a Canadian store also located in Calgary
  • www.vintagevisuals.com an online Western Canadian used photo store.

Bocaphoto who has all kinds of obscure parts and accessories