Lebanon Photos

I might have some more stories later on the journeys but there isn’t too much to say. The travels out of Beirut were to the Beqaa Valley and Baalbek about a two hour drive one way and the other trip was to Byblos about half an hour north of Beirut.

Baalbek Panorama

Panorama of Baalbek on CleVR.com Baalbek is a couple of hour drive from Beirut. It has a very ancient history. You drive out of Beirut at (Mediterranean) sea level and climb quickly over the mountains reaching a high point of 1500 meters. Then you head down into the Beqaa Valley at around 1000 meters and […]


Here’s a sample from Baalbek. Now I need time to crank up the software and get more online. Baalbek is huge and the stones are huge. The pillars are over 2 meters in diameter!


I’ll be there in less than two weeks! Go here for some information and great photos.