Another Wreck on the Roads of Kuwait

I don’t know how this happened. But very often people cut in at the last second to make a turnoff and it is scary how close they come to crashing. Sad thing is you can see a baby stroller in the trunk. I hope a child wasn’t in the vehicle at the time of the […]

Car on it’s side

You can click here to see on Google Maps where it occurred. Driving here just wears you down. There are so many selfish, aggressive, non-attentive, distracted, dangerous drivers. You cannot make even the shortest journey without having to avoid at least one idiot hauling up to your rear bumper and flashing lights to pass or […]

Dangers of Texting While Driving

The link is via a CNN article (the CNN article has the wrong video link though, so I fixed it here. Though some places are passing laws only allowing hands-free talking while driving that isn’t enough. Studies have shown that a hands-free is just as distracting as holding the phone to your ear. Hopefully this […]

Driver caught at 190 km/h in 70 km zone

This happened in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is reported in the Calgary Herald A 21-year-old Edmonton man driving 190 kilometres an hour in a 70 km/h zone this week had the misfortune to zoom right past an unmarked police car. Police spokeswoman Patrycia Thenu said the man was driving his newer model Audi erratically Thursday […]

Fender Bender

Somebody backed into The Prado today. No injuries just time spent sorting it out and getting the police paperwork done. Now we take the piece of paper and get the damage fixed all covered by insurance.