Someone told me about the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra and that is them above. Ukulele is like the banjo, you can’t take sad lyrics seriously. Well, I bought a Uke and brought to Kuwait for mostly everyone else to play.

Chinese Bluegrass

The performers are Mei Han’s Red Chamber with John Reischman and the Jaybirds. The instruments include an iluqin, mandolin, bass, pipa, guitar, sanxian, banjo, and ruan. The song is “Katy Hill.” Link from Boing Boing Great music. Now all they need is a Shamisen

Shamisen vs. Shamisen

From bookofjoe And if you really want some fun check out more Youtube videos or the group God of Shamisen from California. You can listen to their music on their site, look in the to right of the page.

Hildegard von Bingen

She’s was an amazing artist and personality. I have listened to her music mostly by the Anonymous 4 for some time and my wife previously while singing with the Calgary Renaissance Singers learned some of her music. Here is a recording on YouTube by a Czech artist Hana Blochov√ɬ° of KVINTERNA And here is where […]

Grails – Take Refuge

What do you think? I find this track very interesting. Note the version in the video is different than the one on the album which you can also listen to on their pages. It is a fusion of many types of music. More on them at: Wikipedia Official Website Official MySpace Wait there’s more! I’ve […]