Sitti Navarro – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We heard this singer while having dinner. And considering all the mediocre Phillipino music I’ve heard from bands, for example in hotels in India, she’s got quite a smooth voice. Sitti Navarro – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Computer Speakers

Well, I went and splurged on good speakers for the computer. I figure I spend a lot of time at the computer and now with the new speakers I don’t want to leave it. Not quite life changing but, nice and good quality so should last many years. The sound is really good even with […]

Simone Dinnerstein – Bach Goldberg Variations

I downloaded Simone Dinnerstein’s version from EMusic today to listen to. I never liked Glenn Gould’s version. If you want to be a concert pianist when you grow up, there are certain rules. You do start playing as a young child. You don’t drop out of Juilliard. You do win competitions and get the attention […]

bookofjoe: The blog as job

Interesting article on someone who quit his computer programming job to become an online musician. Now he spends 6 hours a day online doing Email staying in touch with his fans. bookofjoe: The blog as job