More Yoho Hiking Photos

These are taken with the camera phone. There was so much rain that I put the big camera in a waterproof back in the backpack. And I just carried the phone in a small plastic bag in my chest pocket, readied it while in the bag and took it out very briefly for the photos due to the heavy rain. Overcast light is always nice for portraits and great color saturation.


The above photo was taken at the top of Twin Falls.

Below is the view from top of Twin Falls towards Yoho Glacier

View from top of Twin Falls towards Yoho Glacier

Finally, below is a view of Takakaw Falls from the parking lot through the car windshield. It was raining fairly hard so the shot was taken between windshield wiper passes! Note the lack of tourists, though it was also about 6:00 in the evening.

Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls is a waterfall located in Yoho National Park, near Field, British Columbia, in Canada. Its highest point is 384 m (1260 feet), making it the second-highest officially measured waterfall in western Canada, after Della Falls on Vancouver Island. However its true “free-fall” is only 254 m. “Takakkaw” is derived from the Cree word for “it is wonderful”.

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