, originally uploaded by Mister Ian. The men are having an after work meal and drinking the typical beverage, Soju the popular drink here. From Wikipedia: Soju is a distilled beverage native to Korea. Most brands of modern soju are made in South Korea. Though traditionally made from rice, most major brands supplement or even […]

View of Seoul from the Fraser Suites

20080724_DSC_5058, originally uploaded by Mister Ian. Nice view! I had to stick the camera out the window and then attach the lens holding it outside as the window wouldn’t open far enough to pass the camera with lens attached! Needless to say not dropping the camera body or the lens was foremost on my mind!

Street Snacks in Seoul

I walked around in the rain for a while taking photos and did this video of this sweet shop. The sweets are delicious! Photos to come. The sweets are stuffed with almonds — they also had peanut or almond filling — and the box says they are a “traditional court cake. Kkul Tarae (honey skein). […]