The Second Gulf Jazz Festival

In quest of a cultural life we went to the Gulf Jazz Festival first night with the two kids. The musicians were very good. Here’s an interview. First on piano the Swedish Then a group came on stage with Ricky Ford the American alto sax player. He doesn’t have much of an up to date […]

Is anyone listening?

Pearls Before Breakfast Can one of the nation’s great musicians, Joshua Bell, cut through the fog of a D.C. rush hour? It was captured by hidden cameras and microphones. You can see it and hear it on the Washington Post site. No one knew it, but the fiddler standing against a bare wall outside the […]

Indialucia a fusion of Indian and Flamenco music

Indialucia is a musical project, which fuses two fascinating styles of music: Indian and Flamenco music. The album expresses both the human and musical fusion of these cultures, which could have had a common ancestor. Improvisation and rhythm are the common elements in both styles and are essential to the continued existence of this music. […]

Code Monkey song

Jonathon Coulton Code Monkey Code Monkey get up get coffee Code Monkey go to job Code Monkey have boring meeting With boring manager Rob Rob say Code Monkey very dilligent But his output stink His code not “functional” or “elegant” What do Code Monkey think? You can subscribe to songs on iTunes, some are really […]

Matt Dusk – Back in Town

Matt Dusk – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Well, how about that. We were doing Christmas shopping in Marina Mall here in Kuwait on our weekend and heard this music, kind of Sinatra like. Well, Janaki started dancing in the store so we were hooked and bought it. And as I see on Wikipedia, he’s from […]

Photo of Mozart’s Widow Found in Bavaria

A print of the only photograph of Mozart’s widow, Constanze Weber, has been found in Germany, according to der Spiegel magazine and BBC International News. The photograph was taken in 1840 in the Bavarian town of Altoetting when she was 78. She died two years later. Mozart and Constanze had six children in their nine-year […]