Stinging Bicycle Saddle

Yesterday, Mister Jalopy reported a swarm of bees under the seat of one of his bikes for sale at Coco’s Variety in Los Angeles. Upon hearing the news, neighbor Amy Seidenwurm headed over to the store, donned her bee suit, and bravely herded the bees to a cardboard box, transferring them to "greener pastures where […]

Dust Storm Today

The photo was taken here. I was out and about and even ended up trying to take a shortcut back to the office to avoid a traffic jam and ending up going in a big circle! It is hard to keep the bearings when you can’t even tell where the sun is coming from to […]

Toddler takes wild river ride in toy truck

Amazing story of a young boy who drove his toy truck into the Peace River in British Columbia and was found more than ten kilometers downstream kneeling on the top of his overturned toy truck. His first words to his rescuers were “Where’s the car at?”. See the full story here.

Photoshop Masking

In case you want to be an expert at masking. Hair is always a challenge to mask!