British Airways Executive Club

OK, this is ridiculous. It isn’t like it used to be when I actually earned miles that useful.

I have been flying BA from Kuwait to Canada and was wondering why I have so few points.

I fly so called discounted flights — as everyone does if paying themselves. Normal people don’t fly full fare economy or other expensive fares which cost at least double the price. My fare is 460 KWD (1855 CAD) now as it is summer season and when I went to Canada in March in low season it was 315 KWD (1270 CAD). The airlines take advantage of the busy seasons by raising fares — as if we can change the dates of summer school holidays to get cheaper flights.

Bottom line, you only get 25% of the mileage when not flying on an expensive fare.

Each round trip from Kuwait to Calgary earns 3626 miles. And it would cost me 80,000 miles to get a free ticket to Calgary. So after 22 round trips I could get a free flight. Therefore, if I fly a couple flights a year in 11 years I can fly for free once!

And so much for getting enough points for access to lounges etc. You get exactly zero of what they call tier points towards getting status to access lounges etc. unless you are flying an expensive fare.

American Airlines is a partner with BA but I had a quick look and I think they are just as un-generous with their pseudo-reward program for frequent fliers.

Not much of a reward for loyalty. The only plus for BA is they have a much better bag policy than Lufthansa and others. They allow two bags up to 23 kg each and one carry on plus a laptop bag. Oh and don’t go a kilo over in Calgary on the luggage, they will make you reduce the weight of the bag.

And their food in economy is better than I recall from Lufthansa or Air Canada.

Oh and have you ever seen an airline commercial showing the people sardined into economy class. No only businessmen or families in First or Business. How often can families fly business?

End of my venting now.

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