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I first found out about John Walkenback from his books. He, without question, has the best books on Excel. Back when books only were made from dead trees I judged books by how much real information versus fluff. He wins outright. His books now are available in paper format or electronically.

He also has a site with many good Excel tips.

For many years I have also used his add-in. It is another reason why I am running Excel on Windows as the Mac does not support these add-ins.

In fact even if it had only the cells items

And the text tools items

It is well worth the money!

I also get the source code which he sells for an additional price. That opens up many opportunities for programming or learning programming.

On his site, and I agree he says:

PUP is an Excel add-in that adds dozens of new features and functions to Excel. A free 30-day trial version is available.

There is also an Enhanced Data Form for free.

The J-Walk Enhanced Data Form is a free Excel add-in that provides a general-purpose data entry dialog box. The VBA code is available for a small fee.

There are other competing Excel add-ins. But I trust J-Walk’s and it is just the right amount of add-ins in the menu bar.

If you ever have questions or issues with Pup, John replies very quickly to any support request.

I had a glitch installing the latest version of Pup, enabling the worksheet functions, and found out that it was my Excel file.

  • You need to ensure that a workbook’s VB project is not protected. If you unprotect your VB project, it should work.
  • And, you also need to make sure the workbook is not shared.


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