Short and quick exercise at Glendale Hockey Rink

Fortunately, the Chinook hasn’t killed the ice and it will be cooler after today. It was actually too bumpy for messing with the puck, so I skated laps, doing a few intervals. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Glendale.gpx”]

First ski day of the year

My first impression coming from Calgary was, where’s all the snow? I arrived early, by 9:30, and was the third car in the Elk Pass parking lot. When I returned the lot was mostly full. Up Elk Pass, skier set track, packed underneath. Solid snow cover. Tyrwhitt, skier set track, a bit rough. Lots of […]

Slovakia and Czeck Replic

Some pictures from my October trip to Nitra, Slovakia and Prague, Czech Republic with closing shots from Vienna. Click any image to see it larger.