Roads of Kuwait

Selling watermelons on the road\
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This is the Number 30 highway going North towards the city. Note the mix of traffic. Speeds are from 150 to 80 km/hr or less. So it can be treacherous. And people cut across and pass in any lane. So you need to drive very defensively with the aggressivve part always at hand to pass ahead of potential trouble.

And then you have them here selling watermelons. I pulled over for the photo and believe me after taking the photo is was extremely treacherous to get back on the road!


The viewing has been:


Not an option. Not enough bedrooms. Two units ground floor or upper floors.

Egala 1

New, not bad, but not the best layout of the living rooms. Also surrounded on 3 sides.

Egala 1 1/2

Similar to Egala 1

Egala 2

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KD 650
This is being lived in. The lady has done finishing.
Kitchen is ugly.

Fintas 1

House living room
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Empty 800
Furnished 900
Good quality finishing. Sensibly laid out.
Open space.
Very nice, very well finished. Furniture is very nice.

Adan Block 2

KD 800
Massive villa. Way too huge.
Large yard
Pool in basement.
Huge room in basement plus two bedrooms and room for exercise equipment.
Main floor 5 bedrooms.
Third floor, one bedroom one maid’s room.

Egala 3

I looked at it. Too near the freeway, not peaceful at all.
Available furnished for 700 KD, street is not finished yet.

In all cases, full maintenance is included.